Mascot design tutorial in Photoshop



In this article I will explain how I designed custom, the character for Drunken Monkey Collectibles (a company dedicated to selling toys and collectibles). I will give an overview of the whole process of creation, from the sketches to the final finish with Photoshop.

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Product Description

I spent lot of time doing this mascot design tutorial in Photoshop about desiging with Photoshop the “Druken Monkey” like guest writer for Smashingmagazine. Due to the agreement that I got with this company, you can read it in English in their web or you can read it in Spanish here.

Here is a sneak peak:

Progress Character

I did a step by step tutorial to show how I usually draw my character designs.

Progress Color

And another capture of how I color my mascot designs.


Here is the outcome.